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We at Benson’s Pet Center encourage our customers to look into adoption when looking for a new family pet.
We are here to help with questions and/or concerns that may arise from getting a new pet and to help with new pet purchases.

Some of the groups we work with include:

Forever Greyhounds Rottie Empire Rescue
Animal Support Project For The Love Of Cats
Pets Without People FACT

Please check out our events page for adoption opportunities!

Benson’s Pet Center does not sell cats or dogs because we want to help FIND HOMES for the numerous animals that have been rescued by the many groups and shelters that we work with.

What to Do If You Want A Purebred Cat or Dog?

If you decide to purchase a purebred dog or cat, we strongly recommend a private breeder over a pet store or puppy mill. One of the benefits of a reputable private breeder is the treatment of the animals. Most private breeders own one or both of the parents and they are treated as part of the family. These are their pets and they are very well cared for, receive regular health care, and are only bred a certain number of times. The genetic line is usually much better because they have not been “over bred” just to make more puppies or kittens. The downside to purchasing a dog or cat from a larger facility or store is that you do not know the conditions in which they were bred and raised. The parents are not on the premises and the genetic line is usually not as well known. Dogs and cats that are bred too frequently or bred with an animal that does not have a good genetic line are more susceptible to genetic defects and compromised health that may not be visible until later in life. By purchasing an animal from an unreliable breeder or pet facility, though you may feel you are “saving” that animal, you are supporting an industry that does not have the animal’s best interest in mind.

Important Info About Spaying and Neutering:

important-informationThe Humane Society of the United States has estimated that one male and one female cat and their offspring will produce over 240,000 cats within seven years. One female dog and her descendants can produce as many as 67,000 dogs in just six years. Sadly, the majority of these animals ultimately meet an untimely death. Unwanted and abandoned, many do not survive the harsh conditions of life on the streets. The millions of animals who end up in shelters only stand a 50% chance of being adopted. The rest are euthanized. Tragically, most of these poor creatures would have made wonderful companions. Please be responsible and have your pets spayed/neutered.