It’s All About the Pets
Help Benson's help the SPCA of Browaria County to meet the needs of thousands of animals displaced by Harvey's floods

“We’ve been watching the devastation from Harvey for a week now, knowing that the need will continue for weeks, if not months, in Houston and for surrounding towns and regions. Please join us at Benson’s to do the right thing for animals in need by donating at the register for our Hurricane Harvey Fund.” ~ Ryan K.

The flooding throughout the region is devastating – for humans and pets.  Literally thousands of animals who have lost their homes as well are expected to pass through the fairgrounds in Browaria County, TX, about an hour south of the city of Houston. Every day, more animals arrive in need of food, shelter, and medical care.

Many of these will return home to their families. Eventually. After the flooding has receded.

Hundreds will never be claimed, and will need to find new homes.

The SPCA of Brazoria County, TX is facing a herculean task.

Thousands of animals must be housed and cared for. Then, once the flooding has receded, the effort to find their families gets under way. Those without homes will then be rehomed – in the Houston area, or transported to other shelters who can meet their needs. It’s incredibly hard work, and it’s a huge financial effort.

We wanted to help. What they really need is cash to get exactly what they need, when they need it, even more than they need any of the goodies we could send. So, Benson’s has chosen to support the efforts of this organization with an in-store fund-drive.

Want to participate? It’s easy.

Just make a tax-deductible donation of any dollar amount right at the register when you check out at any of our stores, now through the end of September.

PS – Every single dollar raised will go directly to the SPCA of Brazoria County.

Thanks for being part of our team.

Ryan K.