It’s National Train Your Dog Month!

We adore having canine guests at our stores. It totally makes our day and we really love acting as a “safe” space to practice socialization skills. We’re also a terrific spot to provide real life training opportunities for your furry family members to practice or reinforce good behaviors, especially in public settings.

Added bonus – we ALWAYS have treats at the ready to reward pups for great behavior! (And we get to indulge in a little puppy time, too!)

The Association of Professional Dog Trainers has some great advice on this subject. Here’s an excerpt from their terrific article about real life training for your canine companions.

(For more great info, visit their website at:

Real Life” Training

by The Association of Professional Dog Trainers

One of the mistakes we often make with our dogs is thinking that dogs see training classes in the same way that we often see being in school—in other words, that learning is reserved for the classroom! In truth, dogs (and people) are constantly learning every second of every day. To have a truly well-mannered dog, you need to reinforce the behaviors that you want during the course of your daily life. “Use It or Lose It!” is a good maxim to follow when teaching your dog new behaviors. Here are some ideas on how you can involve “real life” in your training practice:

What’s our “visitor” policy at Benson’s?

We welcome any healthy, well-behaved and leashed pet companion (s) in all of our stores. 

Take your dog with you when you go shopping. There are many stores that allow dogs. Always call first to make sure of their dog-friendly policies. Examples of stores that allow dogs in are garden/nursery stores, camping/outdoor gear stores, home improvement stores, pet supply stores, some restaurants and coffee shops with outdoor eating areas, and “specialty” pet food stores such as dog treat bakeries. Once you are in the store, you can practice walking nicely on leash, sitting politely for petting and no jumping, and even stays in the aisles or under your chair or table if you are sitting and having a cup of coffee. You can also practice having the dog stay before getting into your car and before jumping out, and while you are loading any goodies you’ve purchased from the shopping cart into your car.


Take your dog on car rides. Even if you have a quick errand to run, [continue reading…]