Get To Know Benson’s Famous Residents!



I was found in a abandoned apartment in the Bronx. I was rescued and brought to an adoption clinic held at Benson’s Pet Center. The rescue had trouble finding me a home because I only had one eye and was a bit shy.

The people at Benson’s understood that being one eye short didn’t make me any less of a cat. They gave me a home and plenty of places to sleep. You can usually find me in the Clifton Park Location doing just that! I’m not shy anymore so feel free to say hi.



I was dropped off at the Clifton Park store in late 2009. I was living in a garage and covered in paint. The humans at Benson’s were trying to find me a warm home free of paint cans however the right people did not come along.

The staff at Benson’s fell in love with me and my antics so I stayed! Luckily I fit in perfectly and have been having the time of my life running around the store and climbing on everything in sight.



I am an Umbrella Cockatoo and was born in 1992. I love being at the Saratoga store and have quite a fan following. If you come to visit me, you may hear me even say hello to you! I love to tear phonebooks and toys apart!



I have lived at Benson’s Pet Center my whole life. I was once up for sale but I ended up fitting in better here. I love to be where I can watch everything happening. Although I do not like strangers I do like to talk to myself.

If you’re lucky you may catching me having a conversation with myself!


My before family was moving and couldn’t bother with me anymore. They were going to throw me outside to defend myself without any claws . The humans at Benson’s gave me a great home that I can burn up my energy when I need to. I’m a little moody and but that’s part of my charm. I love to cuddle but I let you know when I’m done.

I’m currently happily living in our Benson’s Pet Center office because I like to be the only kitty.



Squeak and her sister were found behind a dumpster in the Queensbury location. They were tiny, cold and covered in ringworm. After a nice warm stay at a vet clinic, they were given a clean bill of health. They were still very shy and skittish. Her sister found a home with a Benson’s employee but Squeak stayed and was brought to our office to try to socialize her. After a couple weeks she came out of her shell! She was adopted out but she quickly went back being very edgy. Squeak was brought back to our office and as soon as she was there, she went to her food bowl, laid down for a nap and that’s when we knew she was home. She has been with us since 2011 and is happy and healthy!



Annalee is a Dumbo Rat we originally had for sale in our Johnstown location in August of 2015. Due to some behavioral issue, we were unsuccessful in finding her a home of her own, so we brought her to our Clifton Park store, where we have some rattie aficionados! Annalee bonded with one of our department supervisors, who was helping to work out her issues and it soon became clear she had found her home with us. She now spends her days hanging out, socializing and rearranging desks free of charge! She is full of personality and has won over the hearts of the staff here in our office.



Mush Mush came to us in 2009. He was brought in for an adoption clinic by For The Love Of Cats. The rescue was having problems placing him because he was a senior cat with medical issues.
mush mush
He was in his crate purring away and trying his hardest to rub up against any one walking by. Since it had been a slow day and no dogs were in the store, we let him out of his crate. The staff in Clifton Park couldn’t help but instantly fall in love with him. He sauntered right up to the decision maker and rubbed up against his leg and tried to jump in his lap. It was official, he was staying! Since he was such a mushy cat so full of love, the name Mush Mush was decided. He made himself right at home. He picked his favorite cat tree by the window where he would nap for hours.

He would greet anyone who would come to visit him with loud purrs and seemed to even enjoy his dog friends who would come in to shop. Mush Mush was unlike any other cat to live in Benson’s, he loved car rides and would sit in the front passenger seat looking out the window on his many trips to the vet.

Unfortunately, Mush Mush wasn’t destined for the world for long due to his medical issues, but he lived out the rest of his life being a well loved king of the castle. We gave him a home in which to be loved and retire, but he gave us so much more! He loved each of us unconditionally and because of him, we have opened our doors to other lucky kitties.

RIP Mushy