We are asked all the time if feeding live or frozen rodents is better. Some people will say only frozen, some will say only live, and some say it doesn’t matter. Hopefully this will give you a better understanding of why we at Benson’s Pet Center are of the thought that frozen is the best way to feed.

At Benson’s we only sell frozen rodents for feeding. We do not believe that live feeder rodents are a good choice for snakes or other animals for several reasons. The main reason is the safety of the animal that you are feeding. Mice or other rodents are known to fight back or attack a predator if the predator does not instantly kill the rodent right away. So if your pet catches the rodent by the back end the rodent can bite the animal you’re feeding and cause severe damage and/or infections that will need to be treated by a vet. In the wild if a snake or another predator misses the rodent they can maneuver around quickly for another try. If they miss while in a tank or tub feeding scenario they are likely to strike or hit the side of the tank or tub and could injure themselves.

Another reason that we believe frozen is a better alternative to live feeding is the amount of pain and suffering that the rodent goes through. Yes, we know there is a circle of life and that in the wild this happens. As lovers of all animals, we don’t see the need to put an animal through this unnecessarily and it is just not something we agree with. Another issue with feeding live is the keeping of the rodents. The amount of care that goes into keeping, feeding, and growing the rodents into proper feeders can be expensive and time consuming. Rodents, if not fed and cared for correctly, can quickly be overrun with disease or infections that may spread to animals that consume them. With frozen rodents they are simply kept in the freezer and can be thawed as needed.

Hopefully this has helped you understand some of the differences between feeding live versus feeding frozen rodents and why we at Benson’s only carry frozen rodents.

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