The pet food industry is ever evolving. As we learn more, we do better and better for ourselves and our pets. When you go into your local pet store you no longer just see aisle upon aisle of kibble/dry food. You now see sections of kibble, freezers stocked with food, and a portion of refrigerated options. The reason for the shift from all dry or canned food to all of the options available now is that over time we have realized that our pets thrive when we remove some of the processed food from their diets, and mimic what they would have eaten in the wild a little closer. We have learned that adding fresh, raw or cooked foods to their diet can have amazing effects.

There have also been improvements in the way food is packaged. Years ago, when commercial raw food came on the market it was primarily available in bulk. Your options were big blocks, tubes or flats of meat. You would have to thaw, separate, add organ meat and portion. NO MORE!! Now feeding the way nature intended couldn’t be easier. There are hundreds of raw and gently cooked companies on the market. Food is available, fresh, frozen and freeze dried. You can get it in blocks, patties and nibblets. If you think you might be uneasy digging through a big pile of meat to feed your pets- no worries! We have a large variety of fully fortified choices, and we will find the best fit for your family.

These changes take time, patience, and a trusted place to go to with your questions. That’s what Benson’s Pet Center is here for. We have a store near you that is filled with food and the educated staff to help you make the best choices for you and your pet. If you want to start with adding a little gently cooked food to the diet, we can help. If you have been cooking and want a good fully fortified diet, we have those as well. If you’re looking to take the leap to raw, we have tons of options for you. Please know, it’s not all or nothing. Any addition of raw or gently cooked food that you add to your pet’s diet is extremely beneficial, and it’s ok to take small steps to transition you and your pet to where you want to be. Our team is excited to help you make the best-informed decision you can, and we absolutely love talking about pet food.

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