Proper care of a small animal (Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, Gerbil, Mouse, Rat, Chinchilla) includes more than a great enclosure, clean bedding, nutritional food, and toys. All of these rodents benefit greatly from getting to play.

Providing a place outside of the cage each day for your pet to play and exercise is important. We have different sizes of play pens and wheels that will help encourage exercise and fun! Just like humans, small animals need to move their bodies in order to generate those feel good hormones and to keep themselves happy and healthy.

Benson’s Pet Center offers a large selection of chewing toys, mazes, puzzles, foraging toys, and edible toys. Your small furry family members are all curious and playful and will enjoy having a variety to pick from. Chewing is a vital part of your pet’s needs. They need to chew in order to help clean and grind down their teeth. Burrowing is also an essential part of most of your small animals’ lives. Providing a place to hide and sleep will offer them a safe and natural environment.

Many small animals enjoy being held and having fun interactions with you. Enjoy setting up, maintaining and proving a lifetime of fun for your small animal.

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