Giving your cat wet food is one of the easiest ways to make sure they get the hydration they need in their diet. Most cats won’t just drink out of a bowl, and there’s a reason why! Cats are descendants of African wildcats, which rarely drink water. They prefer to drink running water from rivers or streams rather than from a stagnant pool. Adding moisture to your cat’s diet in the form of wet food mimics the diet of their feline ancestors, where most of their moisture would come from the prey they hunt and consume. Wet cat food is usually made up of around 75%-85% moisture, which is very close to the amount a wild prey animal would have.

Hydration is extremely important to cats. When they do not get an adequate amount of water, they are at an increased risk of urinary tract infections, urinary blockages and kidney stones. Feeding wet food ensures your cat will be getting the moisture it needs in their diet. Not only do cats seem to enjoy a moist diet over a kibble diet, but it overall is great at keeping them at a healthy weight and maintaining great skin and coat health. We would be happy to suggest some of our favorites the next time you are in the store.

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